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Milling Machine; a milling machine is a power-driven machine used for the complex shaping of metal (or possibly other materials) parts. Its basic form is that of a rotating cutter or bit which rotates concentric to the spindle axis (like a drill), and a worktable that can move in three dimensions relative to the work piece (in contrast to the drill which can only move in one dimension while cutting). The motion across the surface of the work piece is usually accomplished by having a moveable table on which the work piece is mounted.  Milling machines can be equipped with many accessories including readouts, powered feeds, and CNC controls.  They can perform a vast number of complex operations, such as slot cutting, planing, drilling, routing, etc.
  Manufacturer, Model, Capacity Year Stock
Supermax Vertical Mill, Model 1-1 / 2 VA, 3-Axis, CNC, Used, 8" x 42"
Used Supermax Vertical Knee Mill, 3-Axis, CNC
Model 1-1 / 2 VA
Capacity 9" x 42"
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