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Saws, Non-Ferrous

Non-Ferrous saws are sawing machines that typically use a circular carbide or semi-high-speed saw blade to cut materials such as aluminum, copper, brass, plastics, and composites. The saw blade typically turns at speeds ranging from 1,750-3,600 RPM's providing a smooth, burr-free finish in both hollow and solid materials. Non-Ferrous saws are available in manual, semi-automatic, or fully automatic models. They can be equipped with such features as CNC controls, loading devices, automatic mitering, compound mitering, dual heads, etc.
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Used Wagner Non-Ferrous Saws
Model WAM90

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1997 8477
Soco Non-Ferrous Saw, Automatic, Model MC-350NFA, Capacity 4-1/4"

Used Soco Non-Ferrous Saw, Automatic
Model MC-350NFA
Capacity 4-1/4"

Scotchman Non-Ferrous Saw, Semi-Automatic, Model CPO350NFPKPD, Capacity 4.5"

Used Scotchman Non-Ferrous Saw, Semi-Automatic
Capacity 4.5"

1992 8104
Clausing / Kalamazoo Non-Ferrous Circular Saw, Automatic, Model FA350A, Capacity 5"
Used Clausing / Kalamazoo Non-Ferrous Circular Saw, Automatic Model FA350A
Capacity 5"
1991 7923
Custom Built 400mm Semi-Automatic Non-Ferrous Saw, 5.12" diameter, 1" x 8", Used
Used Custom Built Non-Ferrous Saw, Semi-Automatic
Model 400mm
Capacity 5.12" diameter, 1" x 8"
N/A 8296
FOM Semi-Automatic Non-Ferrous Saw, Spring 50, 5.9" diameter, 5.1" x 11.8", Used
Used FOM Non-Ferrous Saw, Semi-Automatic
Model Spring 50
Capacity 5.9" diameter, 5.1" x 11.8"
1994 7100
Pistorius Non Ferrous Miter Saw, Adjustable Width, Dual Head, Model DC-16-A
Used Pistorius Non-Ferrous Miter Saw, Adjustable Width, Dual Head
Model DC-16-A

Used Metlsaw Programmable Non-Ferrous Saw, Automatic
Model CS-222-T8
Capacity 8" X 24"
2000 10130
Used Oliver Automatic Billet Saw, Model 875-A, 17" x 20"
1980 8881
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